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Divorce after 50 and Your Finances

How you handle your divorce WILL have an impact on your golden years Older couples are getting divorced more frequently than ever before, and because they’ve had more time for their finances to intertwine

Baby Boomer Divorces – a Rising Trend

Boomers seeking divorce more than ever as they age We’ve been seeing a rise in the number of baby boomers coming into divorce court over the past few years, and now a study is confirming that it’s not just a trend in the Dayton area. How common is it? Take a look at these figures…

In Divorce, Dividing Property is Trickier Than You Think

Be careful when dividing assets, or it could cost you! Dividing assets in a divorce can be tricky, especially when it comes to property you’ve owned together. The story below, from a Reuters article, illustrates just one of the tough situations you could wind up in if you’re not careful: When Rick Buchler and his…

Post-Divorce Finances and You

Don’t be caught unaware by the changes in personal finance that come with divorce After a divorce your finances change. Sometimes the credit has all been in one person’s name, and the other is left to start from square one. Then there are things like join investments to consider, and, of course, your expenses may…