Divorce Finance

Divorce after 50 and Your Finances

How you handle your divorce WILL have an impact on your golden years Older couples are getting divorced more frequently than ever before, and because they’ve had more time for their finances to intertwine


The Top Three Legal Reasons Fathers Should Never Spank

I ask fathers right off the bat if they spank their children.  If they say yes, I tell them to knock it off.  Most accept my advice.  Whenever I write anything against spanking, I get flooded by bible quotes and stories about how a “good lickin’” never did any kid any harm.  The thought process…

How to Nail Your Meeting with a New Lawyer

Clients often hire the wrong lawyer.  One of the big reasons clients hire the wrong lawyer is because they find a list of stock questions to ask during their first appointment and insist on limiting the first appointment to their script.  They base what can be a critical decision on stock information, hire a lawyer…

Baby Boomer Divorces – a Rising Trend

Boomers seeking divorce more than ever as they age We’ve been seeing a rise in the number of baby boomers coming into divorce court over the past few years, and now a study is confirming that it’s not just a trend in the Dayton area. How common is it? Take a look at these figures…