The Depths of Divorce

The depths to which some people can and often (do) go in a divorce are startling. I’m still amazed at how quickly two people, who once claimed so much affection for one other, can turn so angry and vindictive. And it seems peoples’ depravity knows no bounds whether it’s subpoenaing unforeseen witnesses to denounce her character or making false and outlandish accusations about his parenting nothing is deemed off limits if it might help them win.

This quote, from divorced-dad blog, may sound almost unimaginable to people who haven’t experienced divorce (although the sheer frequency of divorces, along with the reality TV epidemic, has really pushed the issue out in the open), it’s unfortunately spot-on quite often.

The battles that frequently accompany divorces are one of the biggest reasons it’s important to have a qualified family law practitioner on your side. While you’re facing emotional hurdles, your ex will be throwing legal hurdles, and it takes someone with experience and savvy to make sure you clear them with room to spare.

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