Laws Just for Military Families

Anne is familiar with the unique laws governing military divorces.  She first worked at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base back in 1983 when she accepted a position as a legal intern during law school in the contracts division of AFLC. This experience led her to a government contracts attorney position in Texas. In 1989. Anne again worked for Wright Patterson Air Force Base, defending the Air Force in contract disputes before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals.

Anne has provided practical legal advice and sound representation to military service members and their spouses since 1991.  She has represented service members on active-duty and routinely consults with military members who are deployed overseas.  She is knowledgeable about the difficult issues surrounding military divorce, some of which include:

Jurisdiction–the service member’s state of residence can be critical to where, and even if, they can file for divorce.

Soldiers’ & Sailor’s Civil Relief Act–this Federal law can suspend a divorce action, provided the proper procedures are followed.

Retirement division–specific language is required by the military to be included in divorce decrees.  When a member is receiving partial disability benefits, the amounts must be carefully calculated in a spousal support award and kept separate from a retirement division.

Survivor benefit plans–the time limitations for election of these important benefits are critical for both parties to a divorce or dissolution.

Custody & Parenting Time–a military member’s deployed status may not alter his/her legal rights after completion of the deployment and return to the United States.

Military members need no-nonsense legal advice.  An experienced divorce practitioner is a must.

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