Contested Divorce

A contested divorce happens when the married partners cannot agree, either about separating or ending the marriage or about the terms. Often times there are disagreements and arguments about the division of property and assets, allocation of debts, spousal support (or alimony), child support, custody of children and parenting time. Such a situation typically becomes a court battle and, as such, a contested divorce is generally more expensive for the couple.

When a couple cannot come to an agreement on one or several issues related to their divorce, it is contested. Grounds must be proven and corroborated. A Dayton contested divorce is comprised of partners unable to agree even with the assistance of attorneys and/or mediators. Because an agreement cannot be reached between the parties, the issues must be taken up in court where a judge decides the outcome.

If you are looking for a Dayton area law firm to provide you with legal representation regarding a high conflict and contested divorce, divorce attorney Anne Catherine Harvey can help. Anne Harvey will supply you with everything you need to know regarding a contested divorce case, the issues involved, and will provide you with strong representation to protect your rights and achieve the outcome you desire.

Divorce attorney Anne Catherine Harvey is experienced with highly contested cases, will aggressively represent you, and can also help to bridge the gap to try and reach a settlement to shorten the litigation process. One of the biggest advantages of a settlement is that neither spouse will appeal it, because both have agreed to it. Both parties can therefore be assured of finality and an end to litigation as to the divorce.

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