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Divorce Loan vs. Divorce Gift

Divorce encourages shenanigans.  A common shenanigan is to recast history so that certain events are slanted more favorably to your side.  Such tactics usually enrage the other party, making a costly trial more likely.  Sometimes, a trial is just unavoidable. In the recent case of Bass v. Bass, 2014-Ohio-2667, both parties wanted the marital home.  For…

Divorced Father on Docks

Smoothing the Rough Road of Divorce

Let’s face it, divorce is hard. The choices you make, however, are what determine the difference between a tough, emotional time and a long-term disruption to your entire life.

Divorce Finance

Divorce after 50 and Your Finances

How you handle your divorce WILL have an impact on your golden years Older couples are getting divorced more frequently than ever before, and because they’ve had more time for their finances to intertwine

Baby Boomer Divorces – a Rising Trend

Boomers seeking divorce more than ever as they age We’ve been seeing a rise in the number of baby boomers coming into divorce court over the past few years, and now a study is confirming that it’s not just a trend in the Dayton area. How common is it? Take a look at these figures…

Helping Men Avoid Common Divorce Mistakes

Steer clear of these pitfalls to help your case go smoothly There are many common mistakes that men make when they go through a divorce, mistakes that end up costing them in time, money, and, most important, wind up negatively influencing child custody decisions. The good news is that many of the most common pitfalls…

Big Divorce Problems That Aren’t So Big After All

Fear can devour divorce clients. Sometimes fear is so sharp that a person delays the inevitable. Unfortunately, fear during a divorce is normal and unavoidable.  In a few circumstances, what clients perceive as huge barriers in their cases actually turn out far smaller than they imagined going in. Long-Term Marriages Many clients first meet with me…