What Clients Say About Anne


“Ms. Harvey helped me to get my divorce and full custody of my children. I week after my divorce I was to purchase my first home. It feels great to lay a new foundation for my children.”


“Anne Harvey is professional and real. She has taken excellent care of my legal needs. She is straight forward and honest – an expert in her field.”


“When I was looking for a divorce lawyer, I saw Attorney Anne Harvey was highly rated. I wondered if I needed someone of her caliber for what I thought was a simple case. Boy, was I glad I chose Ms. Harvey! My divorce turned out to be not so simple and Ms. Harvey demonstrated exceptional knowledge of divorce law, was confident in court and was very capable of defending me and my interests. But what I appreciated most was her straight forwardness in assessing my case. She told me what the law was, what I could expect and what she could do for me. She didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear; she told what I needed to hear. I didn’t want a lawyer that paints a rosy picture and then doesn’t deliver. Instead, Ms. Harvey’s counsel is rooted in law and her experience in the court. When I was in court, I knew I had made the right decision in who was representing me. Divorce alone is stressful. Why add to that stress by choosing the wrong lawyer? I highly recommend Attorney Anne Harvey.”


“During the first of the two most emotional times of my life, Anne C. Harvey was there. She enabled my son to gain full custody of his son (my grandson). A feat everyone told us was impossible. Anne did it! The second time was just 6 months ago when my husband of 40 yrs asked me for a divorce. She was my anchor and guided me through this horrible time swiftly and fully caring re: what was best for me. She is fair and has my eternal gratitude. She is wonderful.”


“I cannot say enough about the high quality of service I received from Anne in handling my divorce. She was efficient and direct. I never felt any time was spent in an unproductive manner. And she even called out opposing counsel on what appeared to be tactics by them that just resulted in “churn” and a billing opportunity.”


“Ms. Harvey was my divorce lawyer and I am extremely pleased with her representation. While few divorce settlements are “perfect”, her counsel and experience ensured an equitable outcome in my complicated divorce that occurred after 30+ years of marriage. I have recommended her many times since my divorce and will continue to do so.”


“Very detail oriented and organized. Anne and her staff are kind and knowledgeable even w/a very complicated case such as mine. Great research too. She’s a winner.”


“Anne represented me in my contested divorce and her knowledge, guidance and legal services saved me a considerable sum of money; compared to going it alone against my ex’s lawyer. She was easily reach-able via email and phone. Any future dealings I may have with my ex regarding child support or spousal support, I will continue to use Anne.”


“Anne is an incredible attorney. She combines a knowledge of the law with a personal touch and a tenacious fight. She listens to your complaints, gives you good common sense advice and fight to make sure you are heard and represented in Court. I am a lawyer and Anne was my first and only choice for a domestic relations attorney. I cannot say enough good about Anne Harvey.”


“Anne was my first experience with a lawyer . She was always professional and kept me up to date on all of the proceedings with my divorce and custody battle. Anne also was always up front and honest with how things were progressing with my case and what to expect. I believe her knowledge was a great asset to me winning my case. Anne Harvey is always the first name I throw out when anyone of my friends ask me if i know a good lawyer.”


“Anne Harvey (of Dayton, Ohio) was wonderful handling my divorce. Professional, quick, and no trips back and forth to see her or excessive phone calls. Just to the point and done. I would recommend her to anyone that needs a divorce. As a matter of fact, I will use her for my daughter divorce.”


“Awesome family lawyer she won my case 5 years ago and I was a dad with two girls and also was 600 miles away but she is very, very good.”


“Anne was very responsive to emails (her preferred communication method as well as mine so it worked great) and on hearing day was able to protect my rights and argue for a very acceptable outcome. Court proceedings are never fun, fair, or fast which took a while for me to get used to but as the proceedings went on my comfort level only grew that I had obtained great representation.”


“I would highly recommend Anne Harvey to anyone seeking legal advice in the Dayton area. She was compassionate, knowledgeable and gained my trust from the start. She was not intimidated by the other attorney, and went after what was just and fair, and in a timely manner.”


“This woman is amazing. She got more settled for me in 6 months than my prior attorney did in 2 YEARS! She returns calls/emails within 24 hours every time; usually even sooner than that. Her office assistant is also amazing. He is as helpful as they come. For the first time, the ball is in my court. Check out her webpage and read the testimonials on there. She is honest and upfront, and will tell you what she can do for you. I don’t even live in the same state and she is incredible. She sends anything that is filed on your case to you immediately via email so you know what’s going on at all times. She sends an invoice to your once a month so you know how you are doing on your retainer. She is very reasonable and listens to you… no matter how unknowledgeable you are about the law. Her client agreement is very clear so that you know exactly how much you will pay for every service (email, phone call…) Overall, I can’t think of anything I would change about her service to me as an attorney.”


“Anne Harvey is a wonderful person to have in your court (no pun intended) when you are contemplating legal action. She is efficient, knowledgeable and understands what needs to be done to accomplish your objective. She is great to work with, and initiates solutions to problems before you are even aware of them. She lets you know if there are things that you can do yourself to try to keep her billing hours down. I highly recommend putting your trust in Ms. Harvey.”


“Anne did a wonderful job getting my case resolved quickly. From the moment I met her I told her that my ex-husband and I wanted our dissolution done as quick as possible, and she was on it! Anytime I have a question she answers it immediately. I would definitely recommend her to anybody needing a divorce attorney!”


“I came to Anne in desperate need of someone who specialized in father’s rights and she was unsurpassed. Not only did I get full custody of my daughter I also came away with faith in the system that is so injustice to fathers. She is a miracle worker. Anne is very knowledgeable in all areas of law and determined to fight for you. I would recommend her to anyone that needs a good attorney.”

– Tyler


“Anne Harvey is at the top of her game! I was 2 1/2 years into custody battle for my 8 year old daughter with a different attorney and no end in sight and only standard order visitation. 2 1/2 hours in court with Anne Harvey and I had my shared parenting, 50-50 split on visitation and all additional rights that an active father with a wonderful relationship with his daughter deserves (medical, school, religion, sports …). She makes no promises; but she is knowledgeable, fast, helpful and extremely impressive in court during hearings/trial. Anne Harvey also has a track record of finishing divorces / custody in a very expedient time frame … look her case history up at Montgomery county domestic relations website and search by attorney.”

– Kory E


“Will be forever grateful!: I am active military stationed in Germany. I went to Anne for help on getting custody of my Daughter and could definitely count on Anne to be there for me through this matter. Being overseas it was hard but she was there telling me everything I needed to know and doing things I couldn’t do. She was honest from the beginning and always there with answers to our many questions and concerns. As a Father going for custody I got negative feedback from other Lawyers but the day of court Anne stepped up for me, very aggressive and on the ball with the right questions and was great with the cross examination! Thank you so much for helping me be able to give my little girl a stable life!!! Highly recommend Anne to get the job done!!!”


“Anne Harvey is a compassionate, competent and caring attorney. She handles her cases in a very professional manner. Moreover, she responds immediately to client’s inquiries and concerns via email and/or telephone. I recently sent a client to her and she got her a very favorable result. Overall, I would highly recommend her.”


“I really appreciate the assistance you provided during my court case and I wanted to let you know that I read the article back in July that you sent to the Dayton Daily News regarding domestic abuse and I applaud your objectivity on this issue. I hope that you keep practicing in the area and realize that you are a valuable resource to parents who have been wrongly accused.”


“Anne has a mastery of the practice of family law. From my experience she was concise, practical, and thorough, and won the day for my case, hands down.”


“Ms. Harvey provided legal counsel on a family law matter. During a consultation visit, she answered all my questions professionally and satisfactorily. .. I was satisfied with my visit and her assistance.”


“I first hired Anne Catherine Harvey in 2005 for my divorce. I have had the need to use her several times since concerning my ex-husband. I would highly recommend using her as your attorney. She really goes to bat for you. She knows what she is doing and communicates with her clients. I have always felt confident that everything would be handled in the proper manner. I am very thankful she has been my lawyer when I needed her.”


“Anne was very helpful throughout our custody case. We continue to appreciate her knowledge and expertise as new issues arise. She was very honest about our chances and we were happy with the results she delivered. I have, and will, highly recommend her to anyone needing a specialist in family law.


“Anne Harvey played a key role in my divorce and custody case. It was a long journey but Anne’s vast wealth of knowledge and confidence paid off enormously at the end. Anne is a straight-shooter, no frills kind of lady. But I’ll be the first to tell you, you can trust her with your life and your most precious belongings (your children). Anne is a well-educated, soft-spoken lady in person, but has an iron first when needed. I will continue to use Anne in the future.”


“Ms. Harvey did a dissolution for me. The process was clearly explained and she made sure that my rights were taken care of. The end result was an easy, painless, quick process without all the drama. I would highly recommend her.”


“Anne was easy to work with and cut to the chase. I was extremely happy with the outcome.”