A Lawyer for Life

You probably expect a Family Law attorney to be sympathetic, file whatever is needed to protect your interests, appear in court with you as necessary, and then send you on your merry way.  You might get a hello when you run into her at the mall (if she recognizes you), but otherwise you don’t hear from her and she doesn’t hear from you.

Later, life events occur, things settle down, the law changes, but the legal work you did needs to be updated because it is no longer effective.

If a child emancipates because of age or military service, your child support for any remaining minor children should be adjusted.  If a child graduates from day-care and that cost is reduced or eliminated, your child support should be re-examined.  If your health care plan changes on you, coverage for your minor children, the cost, and your child support will be affected.  All sorts of things can happen that affect your financial well-being with your children.

If your former spouse fails to follow a court order about property division or retirement accounts, there are a variety of legal motions that can be pursued to protect your interests from whatever it is that your ex decides to do.

If your former spouse/partner decides to move and wants to relocate your children, or your child suddenly wishes to move in with his other parent, things change even more rapidly.  Stumbling along without the right legal advice can get you into real trouble. The my-family-will-never-be-the-same kind of trouble.

Truth is, families never stay the same for very long.  All of its members are constantly changing and, at least on some level, interacting with one another, with all that entails. It’s unrealistic to think that your legal needs won’t change along with the changes in your family and in the law.

Having an ongoing relationship with your lawyer, so that when life happens to you, you know where to start, would spare you time, energy and stress.  Having an ongoing relationship with your lawyer, who knew you well enough to know when changes in the law might impact you, and would let you know, would spare you time, energy and stress.

If it’s the right lawyer, she can refer you to an attorney she knows and trusts to help you with legal issues she doesn’t handle.  Having such an on-going relationship, based upon familiarity and trust, is what you need and probably what you want.

Well, that is what I do and that is how I separate myself from the pack.  I am different.  Yes, I write parenting plans and separation agreements – but those documents are only the by-product of my ongoing relationship with my client.  I am happy about being a lawyer and I am in it for the long-haul.  I don’t want to mail you your divorce decree and then forget about you.  I want to be your lawyer till death do us part.  I think that’s what being a lawyer means.

If you think that sounds better than just having a document drafted and then being left to fend for yourself, give me a call.